When the Right Moment Brought
the Right People Together

The clock ran out on one opportunity, so we started a new game.
We’ve trained and we’re ready for our next challenge.


Company Overview

“Timing is everything in life and in golf.”

Paul Daugherty, Accenture

ATS Global is a perfect example of what timing really means to the creation of a company.

The moment that paved the way for ATS came from the collective challenge posed by COVID-19.

As professionals in all industries can now attest, the pandemic reimagined the way we do business, closing some doors while opening others.

In this case, it did both.

Imagine a talented team making big things happen for an industry-leading brand that was suddenly forced to change course in order to remain profitable during the pandemic.

Now picture that same team, having been let go, refusing to remain adrift but instead pulling together as they had always done, only this time under a new banner.

Unlike other creation stories, the genesis of ATS doesn’t actually have a villain.

ATS Global Journey

  • January 2021

    ATS became a full service reseller with Conversica, which established the new brand, while strengthening the relationship with the company that, in part, inspired its creation.

  • February to May 2021

    Josh Copp, President of ATS, prioritized building processes and company culture to be customer-centric, while also recruiting former Conversica co-workers to come aboard and be a part of this new journey.

  • June to Decemeber 2021

    The team of reconnected colleagues and new talent grew the accounts at ATS and identified strategic B2B partnerships to scale the company’s growth.

It's our team who make it all possible

  • Read More about Josh Copp
    Josh Copp

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Read More about Kyle Olinger
    Kyle Olinger

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Read More about Lance Baker
    Lance Baker


  • Read More about Ryan Copp
    Ryan Copp

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Read More about Brett Barker
    Brett Barker

    Chief Sales Officer

  • Read More about Jeff Alexander
    Jeff Alexander

    VP of Operations

  • Read More about Ben Sutherlin
    Ben Sutherlin

    Chief of Staff

  • Read More about Bradley Cooper
    Bradley Cooper

    Director of Marketing

  • Read More about Sydney Campbell
    Sydney Campbell

    Customer Success Manager

  • Rob Rodriguez

    Regional Director

  • Nic Malick

    Customer Success Manager

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